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AnimalsBirds Cats Dogs Equine General/other Hedgehog Welfare Wildlife Zoo
Armed ServicesEx Services General/other Heritage
Arts, Cultural, HumanitiesGeneral/other Heritage Music Theatre
DisabilityBlind Children Deaf Deaf-Blind Down syndrome General/other Learning difficulty Other Disabled Support Group
EducationFaith General/other Health Interfaith Pre-School Science and Technology Speech and Language Disorders
EnvironmentGeneral/other Nature and conservation
HealthAddictions Broadcasting Cancer Children Ethnic Minority General/other HIV/AIDS Holistic/alternative Hospices Hospitals Maternity Medical Research/Animal Welfare Medical Research/Welfare Mental Health Support Womens
InternationalChildren General/other Human Rights/Sustainable Development Overseas Aid/Development
Misc CategoriesArchitecture/Planning Athletics & Sports Athletics and Sport Careers Charity Service Children Food/Diet/Nutrition/Agriculture General Purpose Local/general Maritime Other Trades and Professions Trust/Foundation Volunteering
ReligiousChristian Christian/Welfare Islam Other Religious
Services 4 CharitiesAccounting Computer Software Direct Marketing Fundaising Consultants Insurance Misc Mobility Equipment Online fundraising Print and Design Web Design
SocietyChildren/Youth Community Community Care/Relations Ethnic/Foreign Family Welfare Gay/Lesbian General/other Homelessness Marriage Older People Social Welfare Support Voluntary Services Women Issues

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